Joseph White – Boomwaggle

released digitally July 21st, 2016

digital & CD available on Bandcamp

CD release September 25th, 2016 at Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY

Following up on Joseph‘s 2014 GBR release CockfightsBoomwaggle represents a long-gestating expression of this unique Brooklynites dense miniature songs. Here, the songs fill out a farcical narrative of contemporary excess – brisket and bourbon and thighs and modern opera. Learn which member of the Weavers’s music so arouses Republican stalwarts. Learn of the dangers that always arise when musicians befriend Supreme Court Justices. Learn about glandular conditions at exclusive prep schools. Spend some time with Boomwaggle, won’t you?

written & produced by Joseph White
performed by Joseph White & Emma Meltzer

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