Gold Bolus Recordings provides a home for a particular genus of contemporary sounds that range from bubblegum to classically experimental. There is no one sound or aesthetic that we document.  Instead, this label presents the work of a subset of artists working with and around one another, primarily in Queens & Brooklyn, NYC.  If you look closely, you might find artists creating one set of sounds on their first album, appearing on someone else’s album doing something completely different, and then presenting their next album in a third, totally new area.  Accordingly, expect to find albums from the artists on our creative roster that touch on opera, noise, indie pop, conceptual art, text art, dance music, and chamber music. Gold Bolus artists comes together each year for the Super Bolus.

Gold Bolus Recordings was first posited in 2009 but really brought to life in 2013. It was initially a vehicle for distributing the work of Brooklynite Dave Ruder and quickly expanded to his collaborators and bandmates. If you want to reach out and start a conversation with us, you can email us at goldbolus [at] gmail [dot] com.

Gold Bolus was originally called Small Bolus, and was named after a disappointed remark a White Plains, NY doctor made to Dave, after being handed a stool sample in 1999. The name Gold Bolus was quickly adopted as a better alternative that reflects the discovery of treasure inside something that at first seems rough or icky.

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Gold Bolus recordings is music label that focuses on sharing the fruits of the labor of some singularly creative, caring people. By releasing this music, GBR is documenting a sphere of interdisciplinary artists who dream and innovate and collaborate and spill their guts and reconfigure and meaningfully meander and hope and point to all manner of vibrant, original systems of organization and thought.

This label celebrates the initiative of anyone in our culture doing the same and hold fast to the truth that these behaviors are open to all. That thought and imagination are free and copious and that radical systems of behavior and organization are badly needed in this world. At the same time, we unambiguously condemn the actions of those in our society that seek to do violence and deny anyone their life, health, voice, and rights, especially as a means of sexist, racist, anti-queer, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-denominational, ablist, etc repression.

Dave Ruder
Manager, Gold Bolus Recordings