Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra – Ten Minutes Late With No Bus In Sight And No Taxi Either

digital only release, November 2017

Chuck Bettis – Mother32
Chris Penalosa – Eurorack, Mocante
Laura Feathers – Moog Little Phatty
Mike Bazini – Random Tone Generator, Pocket Operator PO-14, assorted electronics
Nick Berry – Sidrassi Organ
Matthew Gantt – Eurorack
Sofy Yuditskaya – Heart Monitor & Pure Data
Greg Neeld – Atari Punk Console
Lorenz Fish – Modified Moog Etherwave Theremin
David Keay – drums
Hans Tammen (concept, composition, binary conducting)

Hans Tammen has conducted and written for large ensembles of electronic instruments for way over a decade. In June 2016 he led an ensemble of performers primarily using modular synthesizers at CultureHub in Manhattan as part of Make Music NY. This collaboration proved so fruitful that those involved determined it ought to be preserved for posteriority, and went to a studio to record it. “Ten Minutes Late With No Bus In Sight And No Taxi Either” represents a focusing of the initial musical impulses of this group, the Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra, which features Chuck Bettis, Chris Penalosa, Laura Feathers, Mike Bazini, Nick Berry, Matthew Gantt, Sofy Yuditskaya, Greg Neeld and Lorenz Fish, adding David Keay on drums, with Hans Tammen using Earle Brown’s open form conducting idea to direct and shape the music.