Anaïs Maviel – in the garden

released digitally and a photo print on September 4th, 2019

 in the garden documents Anaïs Maviel’s performative and compositional investigations at a turning point in her creative process. In this live performance recorded at Obey Convention (K’jipuktuk | Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2018) we hear voice, kamele n’goni, lyra, surdo, singing bowl, and piano – played all in one set. In this rare setting, Maviel offers a condensed presentation of a process that ranges from embodied spatialization to instrumental layered textures, intertwining with the emergence of language. 

This recording is a ripple from Maviel’s first solo release hOULe (released on Gold Bolus in 2015) which approaches vocal performance from its relation to percussion (surdo) and bell (singing bowl), tracing back the essential elements of music as pre-verb. in the garden expands that pulsing expression from ancient vibratory principles, flourishing in contemporary narrative and harmonic languages with sharp aesthetics.