Gelsey Bell
Wed Sep 19th @ Light Box, Detroit, MI
Thur Sep 20th @ CCNDC Community Center, Detroit, MI
Fri Sep 21st @ Play House, Detroit, MI
Sat Sep 22nd @ Trumbullplex, Detroit, MI
Sun Sep 23rd @ Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

Dave & Woody’s Chicken Slaughtering, LCC (Dave Ruder & Woody Leslie)
Sat Oct 13th @ Dixon Place, NY, NY

Anaïs Maviel
Jan 7-9, 2019 @ Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY

Angela Morris
Tue Oct 9th @ Wonder of Nature, Brooklyn, NY

Paul Pinto
Tue Sep 18th @ Shedd Theater, Columbus, OH
Thur Sep 20th @ Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh, PA

Anne Rhodes
Sun Sep 23rd @ Orchard St, New Haven, CT
Sat Oct 13th @ Home Audio, Brooklyn, NY
Sat Oct 20th @ Elm City Noise Fest, New Haven, CT

Carl Testa
Tue Oct 9th @ Wonder of Nature, Brooklyn, NY
Fri Jan 25th, 2019 @ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Varispeed + Amirtha Kidambi
Feb 7-9, 2019, Robert Ashley’s Improvement @ The Kitchen, NY, NY