Thee Reps – Minimal Surface

released on tape by Gold Bolus and digitally by Cassauna on April 26th, 2019. Order tape here

Minimal Surface is the full-length debut from the long-running NYC band Thee Reps.  As their name suggests, Thee Reps’ method of investigation involves finding good ideas and exploring them over long periods of repetition, sometimes with utter simplicity, other times with intricate, evolving interlocking lines. While relating to compositional motoric minimalism, Krautrock of the 70s, and post-rock of the 90s, Thee Reps offer something of a different flavor – less bombastic, more inscrutable, always flexible, and deeply focused.  

The album features Jeff Tobias (bass), Dave Ruder (guitar), Sam Morrison (synth), Karen Waltuch (viola), and Max Jaffe (drums), with compositions by Tobias, Ruder, and Morrison.

The current line up of Tobias, Ruder, Morrison, and Andie Springer on violin will be performing at C’mon Everybody on April 29th to celebrate the release of this album, sharing the bill with SHRAF and Clebs.