Andrew Livingston – News from the Oort Cloud

released on tape, CD, and digital December 17th, 2018

News from the Oort Cloud is the third genre-defying full length solo album from multi-instrumentalist Andrew Livingston. Where Livingston’s two previous releases on Gold Bolus Recordings (under the alias Piad Guyvessant) are notable for shifting style and feel continually within the same track, Oort Cloud explores themes of vast distances, ephemerality, and passing like a ghost from one world into another.

While the textures vary from lush to noisy, acoustic to electronic, Oort Cloud is focused on things impossible to focus on – the immensity of space, the impermanence of connection, being caught between physical and mental states. Livingston paints with bleakness and joy in the same space, with a sound palette both refined and ridiculous. News from the Oort Cloud is a self-portrait via stargazing; finding oneself though seeking the infinite.

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