Jack Anger – An Alphabet of Quadrupeds, Volume II

digital only, released August 1st 2016

In 2012 Jonathan Zorn posted on his website sketches of a song cycle based on the 1852 book An Alphabet of Quadrupeds.

Years later he was surprised to find his songs reinterpreted as dance tracks created by a mysterious producer named Jack Anger. Zorn contacted Anger and asked him to credit him as a songwriter or remove the tracks from the internet. Anger ignored Zorn’s emails until Gold Bolus contacted Anger about creating a second volume of four-legged songs. Anger, not being a songwriter, contacted Zorn and asked him to write a new set of songs for him. Zorn cautiously agreed to continue the song cycle.

Zorn has come to appreciate Anger’s realizations of his music, but is continually frustrated by his remoteness. Anger has not responded to requests to perform or speak about his work, so Zorn has taken it upon himself to perform the material and help promote it.

Anger informs Gold Bolus that the fake book advertised in volume I is still in process. However, the instructional dance manual has been put on hold until Anger’s doctor says it is okay to return to prancing.