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released January 21st, 2015

digital album & cassette tape available via bandcamp

REAL ADULT is a mess. REAL ADULT is depressed and anxious and financially irresponsible and addicted and sexually frustrated and a fetishist and bitter and confused and pure id. REAL ADULT can’t pull his shit together. Sometimes this music makes sense, and it can be architecturally and artistically justified. And sometimes, to be honest, it can’t. It’s just a mess.

The debut solo recording of Cory Bracken has been fashioned at the nexus of noise where objects and electronics meet. No-input mixing, maxed out contact mic’s, a metal u-channel, vibrators, bells, drums, and a bevy of tiny instruments are integrated into a perverse sonic display of virtuosity vs. anti-virtuosity, and compositional rigor vs. explosive impulse.