Dave Ruder – Untuned

Released January 2014

Digital album & CD now available via bandcamp

This album features two versions of the same piece – Tuned & Untuned, each performed by 10 unamplified, electric guitars. The score for each piece is the same, but one is performed with the instruments in tune and the other is performed with guitars that have just been freshly strung, with no effort made to put the instruments in tune with themselves or with one another. The additional two tracks on this album are electric guitar duets, performed by Dave Ruder & Joe White, each contributing one composition. More info available by purchasing the CD version!

Featuring the talents of Chris Kedzie, Joe White, Andrew Livingston, Brian McCorkle, Matthew Gantt, Michael Hurder, Jack Reilly, Jonathan Chen, Anthony Scuderi, and Dave Ruder.

Produced by Ian Munro, Joe White, & Dave Ruder