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Dave Ruder – Consider Ruder

digital only, released January 13th, 2015

All music by Dave Ruder

Performed, recorded, & mixed by Dave
August 2014-January 2015

Cover art by Lisa Eisenberg

Imagine you haven’t written anything in two years. Well, you’ve arranged existing things, which takes thought and artistry. And you’ve collaborated to make things you care about with other people. But you haven’t faced down a blank musical page and won in a while. You become aware of this. Around the same time, you are tapped to complete a big project with some resources you’re unaccustomed to, a vote of confidence, a shot in the arm. But where to begin? What should the big project be? What do you even want to do?A.) Who am I and what is it that I do?
B.) Is relying on intuition lazy?

These tunes are the most interesting of the initial thoughts I had in the summer of 2014. They’re the first things that came out (with a few other thoughts left on the cutting room floor). This is more intuitive music than I’ve made before. It might not be my best, but it’s the most honest. I didn’t write a song til I was 25; I spent 11 years thinking I could write one any time I wanted but I just didn’t need to. Making songs, making my version of pop music, has been a great boon for me over the last seven years, just as making “pieces” was a boon to me at age 19. This is what it sounds like when I try to make songs now. FYI, the fourth track here is one of the first two songs I’ve ever written that has a chorus in it (the other didn’t make the cut), I’m an A section and A section only kind of guy as some of these songs prove.

I’m considering myself and my music and I hope you will too (consider yourself and my music).
– DR, January 2015