Thea Little – Honest Process

album released on CD& digitally summer 2020

“an underwater opera from a lost episode of Star Trek” –

Thea Little’s Honest Process, developed in collaboration with performers, utilizes character capsules – attempts to make gestures that en-capsulate different attitudes, ideas, and concepts. In this live album the sounds are abstracted from their movement counterparts, to be appreciated as vocal music in the vein of Sten Hanson or Meredith Monk.

Electronic manipulations from composer and digital artist Brian McCorkle attempt to take the sounds to their conclusion; a landscape, an expression of how individual political expression can create a discourse that can cause change, for better or for worse. Combining minimal electronics and sampling, Honest Process is a gentle exploration and meditation on politics, ambition, and healing.

Performed at a sold-out National Sawdust in 2019, the album is also a study in what the sound of a full room of people watching bodies move is. The electronics are at times frenetic and overpowering, at times just vocal samples crushed into ocean waves, at times completely silent. Developed shortly after the suicide of two close friends of Little and McCorkle, Honest Process is also a movement toward healing and the stages of grief.

Music for meditation, music for thinking, music for healing.