Dave Ruder – Qualms Rectified

 released 10/13/17 on tape, CD, and digital

Qualms Rectified is GBR founder Dave Ruder‘s first solo album since 2014’s Untuned, and first full length album primarily of songs sort of ever.  With performances by Dave and a dozen guests (many of them GBR artists themselves), this album explores some ambitious and wide-ranging sonic territory from the sparse and quiet “ili” to the conflicting layers of “…Pooltron” to the uptempo kiss off in “Fuck You Steve”.

“Fuck You Steve” video by Woody Leslie

and the “It Started As a Ripoff” video by Dave Ruder featuring Adrian Chen, stevie may, & Evie Morrel-Samuels

Qualms Rectified was performed by:
Dave Ruder – voice, guitar, bass guitar, B flat clarinet, Sequential Circuits Six Trak synthesizer, drum programming, Max/MSP

Michael Hurder – trombone on track 1
Valerie Kuehne – cello on tracks 1 & 9
Jordan McLean – trumpet on track 1
Sam Morrison – Rhodes on track 5, synth on track 1
Ian Munro – synth on track 7
Ellen O’Meara – drum programming on track 9
Jason Robira – drums on tracks 3 & 7
Erin Rogers – soprano saxophone on track 9
Aliza Simons – harmony vocals on tracks 2 & 3
Jeff Tobias – bass guitar on tracks 3 & 7
Karen Waltuch – viola on track 1
Jonathan Zorn – additional drum programming on track 1