Pat O’Reilly – Three Sheets to the Wind

released in digital format March 17th, 2019

Pat O’Reilly is a musician, composer, and dabbler. After missing a beat on a simple cowbell part during a performance at Carnegie Hall, he decided to take a extended hiatus from music.  Years of on again off again quiet work lead to this digital EP.

After cutting his teeth playing everything – punk, dub, rockabilly, Balinese gamelan, chamber music, orchestral music, improvising with robots, you name it – his music is a fluid mix of composition and improvisation. Three Sheets to the Wind was performed with rigorous attention by an ensemble of supporting musicians including David Whitwell – trombone (Eco-Music Big Band), Joe Fee – bass (Newband / Harry Partch Ensemble), Adam Forman – vibraphone (Iktus Percussion), Chad Walther – tuba (Ensemble Moto Perpetuo), and Max Alper (Sonic Arts for All) – electronics. 

Pat talks about making this EP in Chyme Time TV, Episode #4

also from Pat on GBR: Two Perpetual Melodies