Why Lie? – The Cities Who Walk

Digital only, released April 2011

nb: Why Lie? formerly known as simply Aliza Simons & Dave Ruder

Aliza Simons played: ukulele, euphonium, percussion, drum machine, keyboard, cello, “bass”, sackbutt, shoehorn, glass harp, rubber band harp (aka barp), vocals.

Dave Ruder played: guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, drum machine, percussion, automated filters, fiddlesticks, soy-free gluten, pelog suling, echo manipulation, Pythagorean monochord, whistling, vocals

Recorded January 4th & 5th in Dave & Lynn’s Apartment, Brooklyn, USA except for: Track 10, recorded in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, USA, roving the streets; Track 3 story recorded in Portland, OR, March 2011; Tracks 7 & 8 recorded variously on both coasts of the USA in Feb./Mar. 2011.

One million thanks go to: Lynn Levy, Sharon, Maisy, Adam & Jess, Albert, Alex K, Ray E, Dave K, Dan O, Granna, the guy at the meat counter, The Electric Junkyard Gamelan (inventors of the barp), donuts, & Sofa

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